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Between death and art

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

I cannot imagine what life would be like without music and film. I don't know what the world would taste like without art and philosophy. I have no idea how I could breathe in the same air without literature and poetry.

We find ourselves in no one and everyone. - Amira Shohdi

I am always on the search for the next song that will cure my soul and the next film that will heal my open wounds.

And the world of art has not disappointed me yet. It's funny though, I seem to be drawn to dark films, films about heartbreak, films with sad endings, and to be honest the sadder the ending, the more I am likely to fall in love with the film and have it affect me.

Perhaps this derives from the notion that there's no such thing as a happy ending... there's just an end.

I have been watching recently a lot of European films and independent films, and there really is inspiration in the arts and so I wanted to share my poem below with you to show my deep obsession and love of art, film and music.

Between death & Art

In the mud, between the earth and the shallow

I lay and rise in madness

Until my ears were washed with Fantaisie-Impromptu

I rose to life and I found myself dancing to the beat of my

storming heart.

For the first time I saw sunlight and

I was alive.

Sinking in my lifeless self, my dearest companion anguish

tears brush my eyes until

I inhaled

the brush strokes of Marat's Death.

We would both be alive if it weren't for the beauty in the



Outside my skin, I stand,


in silence amongst the men of scholars.

What do we know?

Everything, and


Nothing but I reach out only to

touch within what is so frightfully alive as I recite the essences of

The Bard.

rotten with idée fixe for power so uselessly abused

Oh, to rule minds and not countries,

the faible

lose their subconscious when lust for hunger is


Beauty in simplest of actions

your fingertips give life to my lips

a hymn for the beast inside.

La la la la la


Dreamers wake and sleep alive.

Dare to capture my soul, devil

for I will not


- Amira Shohdi


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