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Blue jeans & a white shirt

Updated: Nov 26, 2017

It's always been a struggle for me to find that one white shirt and that good pair of jeans that will both fit me simultaneously as if they were made for each other, to be worn by me. And voila, I've found my new best friends.

I bought these beautiful pair of jeans from TOPSHOP. The shirt however was from a place in #NewYork that my husband discovered that had some of the best basic clothing items a woman like me could need, especially for work outfits. This store is called UNI QLO, and here's the shirt I bought. #TopShop #Fashion #outfit

Comfort & Sophistication

“I care to feel comfortable in what I wear and sophisticated at the same time, because for me clothes are a second layer of skin. It needs to blend in with my mood."

Movement is important, style is equally important as both create room for expression and creation, therefore my choice of daily outfits is not random. Actually, it's never random.

Until next time, live & love.

Amira x


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