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Day 9: The Jungle

Do you work to live or live to work? Or perhaps a bit of both or even perhaps none of those just mentioned.

Have you become the robot or has the robot become you? And does it matter at this stage?

We all know someone at work who stays behind but does absolutely nothing, just there ticking off time for the big boss. It's the same person who goes around telling everyone the next morning how long he stayed after hours... and they expect applause every time they do so. Like it's our fault they don't have a work and life balance.

And then you have those who come to work and barely raise a finger and they're the guys who get raises, massive bonuses and promotions. They get recognized for their "hard work" and "efforts" while the rest of the world sit there wondering, what the hell is going on? In many cases those who work don't get recognized enough and the ones who don't get recognized more than they should.

It doesn't usually make sense, things at work don't usually make any sense.

There are rules, regulations, lawyers, suits and suits behind each and every door, structures for structures and guidelines for behavior. And yet... it's the wildest jungle out there.

It's about the survival of the "fittest", not the smartest, strongest, fastest, kindest, nicest, most honest... none of that.

Your network is your net-worth until someone decides you're no longer needed. Careful which toes you step on, or walk around like Kingkong and get smashed by Godzilla, or find an inbetween.

There are perks to work, there are great people as there are people who are not so great. The good times can be found even if like a needle in a haystack sometimes.

So why am I telling you all this? Because I get constantly asked about advice for people who want to quit their jobs or have great bosses but terrible roles at work or vice versa. And as bleak as it might sound or some, there is s silver lining that is worth its dime.

So I just want to say for now before I tackle each of these topics one day at a time that, the majority of work environments are not ideal, and they can make you want to leave this world and try to find a new one even if there isn't.

BUT here's what I will say to you now; work is like life, it isn't fair, a lot of the time those in power and control are in their own worlds and might not be just or super fair, we don't always get the best bosses or colleagues and sometimes even we, ourselves are not a delight or ray of sunshine on a daily basis for everyone or even anyone at times.

But, that's still life, sometimes in life you get shitty friends when you hoped for decent ones, you feel alone like you do sometimes at work. You can question your purpose in your life as you do at your job and some days you wake up and you're just happy to be alive when other days you wake up and every breath you take is heavy.

Work & life, so similar so connected and sometimes necessary to full experience one another.

You come out of it different and a bit wiser, if nothing else. And to me, that's still a big achievement. It makes us question anything and everything and depending on how we deal with the every day situations we can make something great of that clay we're given or we can keep treating it like dirt that we insist we have no purpose for. It's all you, you've got to decide how to mold your world and the experiences you love. Nobody else will, can or should do that for you.

Until tomorrow inshallah, live & love with kindness.

Amira x


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