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On a beautiful winter day, Omar and I had the honor to be in a beautiful place in Alexandria on the beach, and we were photographed by the wonderfully talented Henar Sherif and Adel Essam.

"Hold me, don't let go until it's you on the other side." - Amira Shohdi

"The flaws I carry, I have learned to love and work on without any sort of self destruction. I can accept and love myself now." - Amira Shohdi

"I love the truth no matter how painful." - Amira Shohdi

"Chasing the ocean until the water becomes my own, I will chase the stars to find myself." - Amira Shohdi

"Free of me I be." - A.S

"I will not be carried away by delusional myths of promises that will not last, I will, however, let you carry me to heaven where you and I will be us forever." - Amira Shohdi

"He promised that there will never be a day where I won't love and be loved unconditionally. He has never broken a promise. I do love." - Amira Shohdi

"The wind will hide nothing when her fear is no longer to be found." - Amira Shohdi

"Thier world is not mine. I belong to no one. I am my own." - Amira Shohdi

"Stay with her, she'll be the world and the universe, and you are the sun and moon, stay with her." - Amira Shohdi

"If we were ever to get lost, we would find our way no matter what because we're lead by passion to find the truth." - Amira Shohdi

"We rise with each other and in each other's love. You're the future and my world. Sing with me now between the clouds." - Amira Shohdi

"We see the world together, similarly, differently, we look at it through each other." - Amira Shohdi

"I loved you inside myself and we dance now to the sound of fate, the sound of our worlds colliding." - Amira Shohdi

"I dance between the waves, I watch the world and smile because I have everything to give and everything to feel." - Amira Shohdi

Until next time, live and love with kindness.

Amira x


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