• Amira

Free of me, I be.

Caged inside a world,

a bird is not flying into

the blue. But what is a cage

if it won't keep you.

In your mind, or your dreams,

the cage is still what it is and not

just what it seems.

Bruised, hurt from the trials of escape,

torn down from trying over, and over again

Wrists tangled in needs, born to die

we continue to bleed.

Those are the caged,

those are the free,

free of me, I be.

My feathers swear they will reflect

my path of hope, and in the colors

my love will elope,

away with me. Before I fade,

I repent you see

I repent for me

for the lives I have not witnessed which lived

beautifully outside the world I drew for myself

My cage was a portrait of a shadow

hung in a room of mirrors

I saw myself. . I saw the fear

crawling up into my soul

but I let go dear.

I let go dear.

My reflection taunted with

what others

saw in me.

What I saw in my eyes, changed


I repent, you see

I repent for me

Stay warm beside me,

inside of me.

Close those eyes of yours,

fly away with me.

Those are the caged,  those are the free,  Free of me, I be.

- Amira Shohdi


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