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I Can't Do It All

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

I don't know who the illustrator is behind this beautiful artwork but if you know let me know!

Hardly anyone ever reads anymore, and yet I find myself writing.

Most of the people on social media (especially on my accounts) prefer to see me talk about how I put an outfit together rather than hear me speak or read anything I write about empowerment, and freedom of speech.

Also, anything related to my personal and love life is a bonus and becomes a huge hit.

But, what's the point of having a voice if you won't use it? Looks like in this day and age, having a voice is too much work for some people.

It seems that many women do not mind the discrimination they face and the bias that culture throws at them. They would rather watch from the sidelines and continue shopping and gossiping.

Almost everyday, I see women, of any and all ages, try and commit to unrealistic expectations of who and what they're supposed to be.

We're told to "dress this way", "weigh this", "love that", "be a good girl", "get closer to God by doing this", and of course the countless number of things we're told to do to get a "good man" to love us or marry us. As if that's our ultimate goal. For so long, women have been raised to think that they're main goal is to get married and have kids. And if it's not that it's to graduate and make your family proud and if it's not that, it's to be a good girl in a society filled with "bad boys".

Sometimes I'll hear a woman or two speak up about how they're raising their daughters to think about education and not to stress over marriage.

But very rarely do I hear anyone asking their young girls what they think they should be like, what they want to achieve and how they want to achieve it.

Whether it's a society, a cultural norm, family, spouse, friend and of course social media, women are pressured to continue to strive for "perfection". Whatever that's supposed to mean.

I launched this "movement" via Instagram to try to "move" women from just being "followers" to becoming communicators, connectors, and forces of empowerment to and for other women. The movement is called "I Can't Do It All" and the account is under the name of @icannotdoitall, (because @icantdoitall was not available).

People have responded positively and with strong voices towards this movement, even a couple of men. But other women tried to either make it as if they've had this idea before I'd announced it (which I really don't care too much for because it is petty to take that route) while others suggested i change the name of the movement because it had "negative connotations" tied with it.

Well, you've just gone ahead any proved my point exactly; you think it's negative to say or admit you can't do it all. And some have claimed that they can do it all but it depends on what this "doing it all" entails and "how". Basically their theory is I do a bit each day which adds up to "everything" by the end of the week. I don't even know what they're on about.

So, here's the issue, some people use social media to connect with others, while others use it to watch, observe and stalk.

I guess we're all free as to how we use social media, do we use it to check out fashion outfits/posts, do we check it for quotes and coffee photographs, or do some of us use it for inspiration that can actually have a bigger more positive impact on our daily life.

In all cases, all options should be made available. As hard as I'm finding it to get women to open up, I know there's always more to do and that will be a challenge for me. Challenge accepted.

I don't care hot long it takes me, but I want to hear more from women on how they handle their life pressures and what are they suffering from.

Everyone's got to have a cause to live and fight for, and this would be one of mine. Yes, I said it, "one" of mine. Honestly at this stage I have a few and I can't seem to pick one and stick to it, so until then, this is it, this is me.

Until next time, live and love with kindness.



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