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They hurt me. They all hurt me. They hurt you too, didn't they?

We are born and then we are in pain. They do things to us, mentally, emotionally, consciously or subconsciously and we pay the price. Why is that? Why does this world make us pay for other people's mistakes? It's pricey, oh so pricey.

They made me apologize for how I felt, made me sorry for what they failed to understand, like it was my fault their limited capacity to know who I am. I was weak, I was under their power. What I thought they knew, gave them too much control over me.

I had to wait, I had to gather all the strength from each battle I lost, for the war that I would go to with the world that gave me such a hard time in accepting me. I was bruised up bad, were you bruised too?

Did they censor your words and your thoughts? Yeah, they tried to do that to me too.

But then I grew, I realized I had nothing to loose and everything to win. And so I took my gun and filled it up with bullets of shame, guilt, power abused over me, loveless nights, friendless days, judgments of a sick and cruel society that had nothing to do with religion and I shot each of those moments down that ever killed me when they came to visit.

It was hard to wake up when they left, rising from the dead is never easy. Was it hard for you to rise up from the dead too?

And as I shot them down, their blood dripped in front of my own eyes and I felt no remorse for them for they never did for me. They didn't ask why I became the way I did, they knew. They always knew what they'd done to me but there was no mercy, not for me. Were they merciful with you?

I ran into the green field of newborn dreams and there were no trees to provide any shade for any dreamer like me out there. I felt each tear of heavenly joy run down my stone like cheeks turning them into human flesh.

But as soon as I started to gain speed, they came after me with their swords, words and lectures of do this and do that. It seemed some had survived to fight back but just as I was about to get my sword out, you came out of no where and gently kissed forehead.

"Let them live my love", he said to me.

"They killed me before, and they will come back to kill me again.", I replied.

"Those who don't pay their dues now, will pay them later." he said as he looked deep into my soul.

I was down on my knees and inside his eyes I saw magic.

Their bullets fell right in front of me.

I had just become untouchable.

Not a savior, this was not that; it was a realization that there was so much more to fight for than the past, it is the future.

He took me by the hand and walked with me across the green field of new born dreams.

The End.

Amira x


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