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Mom, Dad, LOVE

My 4th birthday!

There are people that you love so much and yet you end up hurting without any intentions to do so. Life as I know lies within my parents, no matter what. There are thing I wish I could say to them sometimes but either words would escape just before I could catch them or feelings would crawl up on me and carry me away.

Parent and child, you both end up hurting each other without knowing how or why. The scars that these mistakes leave are deep. A parent will love a child almost unconditionally and yet sometimes the damage done between them is so painful, one can hardly recover from it. And yet we love each other, whether we choose to or not. But that love, the love between parent and child is almost unbreakable. For many people it's the softest spot to ever touch upon and some people hide it very very very deep down so that they should never face the pain they would should anything or anyone touch upon it any way intentionally or unintentionally.

There are things we embed in those we love. Especially parental love, you hope and pray you raise your kids the best way you know how and you learn as you go and yet the journey is utterly exhausting for both the child and the parent. In some cases the love is complicated and distant because of so much pain and complexity of their different or even identical personalities. While other relationships grow, flourish and they manage to take the good and the bad and make something extraordinary out of it. But that's not to say that extraordinary things don't hold their own complications and pasts, mistakes and painful memories. It just means that the good has been carries far enough to escape death.

I feel like family ties, ties with your parents are the most sacred relationships one will ever have with other humans.

They're sown into each and every single moment, action and feeling you ever experience in your entire life. Whether your father and mother were good to you or not, whether you were good to them or not, nothing can or will change your bond, your tie and your influence on each other's hearts and lives.

Sometimes families drift apart because of reasons that none of them would dare to talk about or understand. There's so much pain that it sits there between them like a ticking bomb. And none of us know how long we've got on this earth, so things are often left unsaid.

Unsaid, but felt and lived.

There are those who speak to their parents every day, but without saying anything that's truly relevant or real. Nothing intimate or personal. Things get cold.

We keep saying to ourselves that we will have the time to fix everything, the time to heal and to help them heal. The time to love and laugh once again together. But rarely do we get that chance. Rarely do we summon the courage to be and to do.

Love them unconditionally not just because you should but because you must, for your sake more than their, believe me.

Mom, Dad, I am everything because of you. And this is where I'll end this, but this isn't where it ends.

Until next time, live and love with kindness.

Amira x


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