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Updated: Apr 15, 2018

I've recently started getting into shooting short films and videos for fashion, daily outfits and even music films such as this one. Sometimes I have friends behind the camera guiding and helping me and other times it's just me.

I have seen similar videos and I fell in love with the concept of such up close and personal footage of someone,a complete stranger, not someone ## celebrity. So I decided to try my own.

Would love know what you guys think and if you know other people who make similar videos, I can definitely use inspiration, ideas and more guidance as this is something I love doing.

This song by the way, is one of the first songs I sang to Omar, my husband. Poor guy has to listen to my singing on many occasions, and when we'd first met I'd just come across this song by Iyeoka and it's called 'Simply falling'. Indeed I fell hard when I met him so this was only suitable. It's simple in its expression and yet indulges in meaning through the way she sings it. Love her voice!

Until next time, live & love.

Amira x


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