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SkinCare Routine, Baby

As, I ... age gracefully, I become more experimental with the kind of beauty products I use, even though I should probably start becoming a little more consistent, but no. I mean, it's not like I spent my twenties worrying about my skin! I had too much on my plate, surviving a broken relationship, trying to make my way into the financial corporate world.. (two of my least favorite words by the way..ugh). So, if I wasn't facing an issue with a dark spot, a zit or a blackhead, then I didn't have time to worry about new lines appearing on face or bags under my eyes.

However, once I turned thirty I kept hearing people tell me that this was the time to start "investing in skin care products." And that's when it hit me... conversations between me and other women would now be taken to a whole new level of beauty regimens and body shaping rituals, the art of obsessing over looking damn fine while we get older.

I heard that beauty products come in all shapes and sizes, meaning, good products don't have to cost over 200 USD. It also really depends on your own skin type and what it responds to.

So that really pushes me to experiment and not take pricing and brand names too seriously and to be adventurous with trying new things.

So here's a review video for a skin care product I recently bought at store, never tried it before and no, this is not a paid partnership.

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