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Socrates: outfit inspiration

In my world, Fashion,l and style are intertwined with art, poetry and even literature. I can’t have one without the other. The more I feel the more I want to express who I am through everything I do especially my style. And the more I express my style the more I have to express with my feelings and words.

It’s just who I am. So here’s a little new series of photos and videos (see my IGTV for those), I’m going to try to maintain that make more sense to me than just an outfit post. I want there to be something new for me to share, a topic we can discuss and inspiration linked to each outfit no matter how simple or how glam.

So for this outfit I have chosen to lightly mention the topic of wealth and what it means in today's world. And who better to quote from greek philosophers than Socrates.

Here's the poem I wrote for this chosen theme.

Wealth for the world

I saw a girl wear a dress

not to suit her

but to impress

and i am puzzled by the idea that we

live for others and not ourselves

style i have come to learn is ever 

evolving and yet staying the same

for like a river it runs in its place

but only to change and yet remains

wealth and expression are not the same, tied they are

but not for gain

those who are rich are not free simply because they are

those who know real wealth are

those who do not wait to be defined by society's money bar

I dress myself in a way to love and be understood, not to sell unnecessary goods.

fashion is a necessity for me but only to show the world who I am 

and not be confined of what they want me to be.

- Amira Shohdi

Leave your feedback on the topic I’ve chosen to discuss with this outfit in the comment section below and help me make these outfits about more than just outfits of the day. Also, share your favorite poets and philosophers with me, perhaps I’ll choose them and tag you behind the inspiration for my next post.



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