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Style By Amira Shohdi - 7 ways to style a white shirt

A white shirt is one of the most essential pieces in woman's wardrobe, which is why I wanted to start this new series of mine called "Style By Amira Shohdi". I'm styling this simple white shirt in 7 different ways for my many moods and personalities (yes, I have more than one depending on my caffeine intake).

So, here it is.

Here are all outfit details below:

Outfit #1:

White Shirt: MANGO

Jeans: Topshop

Heels: ZARA

Outfit #2:

Skirt: FOREVER 21

Shoes: ZARA


Outfit #3:

Dress: Vintage

Shoes: H&M

Outfit #4:

Leather trousers: ZARA

Shoes: Converse

Hat: & Other Stories

Outfit #5

Black top: ZARA

Skirt: ZARA


Outfit #6

Skirt: ZARA

Heels: ZARA

Hat: Random store in Athens

Outfit #7:

Vest: Vintage vest (from Marbles Vintage & Design in Amsterdam)

Jeans: Zara


Shoes: H&M

And that's it for this time! Comment and subscribe to my website and let me know which other items you want me to style.

Peace out,



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