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Updated: Oct 27, 2019

So I started vlogging last year for a bit until I realise how time consuming it was and then also until I realised I had too many other things I wanted to do at the same time.

With the lack of commitment from my end, and my mom's nagging to stop oversharing aspects of my life for fear of "evil eye", I was easily persuaded to do something else.

None-the-less, this did not keep me down for long. I have made a come-back thanks to my current influx of ideas that are dying o spill themselves somewhere other than the gym and the office.

Instead of launching another website or announcing a new series for my new fashion project, I wanted it ALL to come under one thing, and that is my identity, Amira Shohdi.

You'll come to learn that I like t love a lot of different things in life and I enjoy doing many of them alot, and equally, all joint and not one without the other. Does this cause m e hassle and stress? YES! Does it sometimes put me in a position where my expectations of myself are too high and too unrealistic given my current state of existence? YES!

But does this mean I give up? NO!

Now, other than the fact that I have things I want to do and show, I also found that all the vloggers I watch, do not represent me in any way and are not like me. By that I mean, none of them are Egyptians who've lived their whole life in abroad, specifically Christchurch, New Zealand. In fact, none of them are Egyptians which how I see myself actually. None of them seem to talk about daily life struggles of the corporate environment and surviving it, they're all mostly fashion vloggers or travel bloggers. I don't hear any of them discuss the issues that navigate my brain day and night, like the juggle of balancing a life that includes ideas and thoughts and is based on my religious beliefs and yet the traps that one tends to fall in and how to survive them.

I do see myself as someone liberal but I do have my beliefs on what is right and wrong and what is sinful and what is not and I see no one online representing the views of someone such as myself. And so I have offered the torch to myself to lead that path until... God knows when.

I don't know what you'll be seeing in each vlog, or if there's a sustainable theme that I can walk you through here, however, what I can promise is that each vlog will be original, raw, my own ideas and thoughts and I promise to try to stay away from cliche moments and vlog trends where I'm just taking videos of myself eating avocado toast and having a team of makeup artists and stylists talk to me about the latest beauty trends (even though all of that sounds yummy and fun to me right now.)

When you watch this vlog, let me know what you thought in the comments section, if you want.

Peace out,

Amy x


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