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Updated: Nov 28, 2017

Wall paintings and artifacts in Egyptian tombs dating back to 5000 B.C indicated that leather was used in sandals, clothes, gloves, buckets, bottle and even army equipment.

The reason I share that bit of info with you is not just because I am Egyptian and partly kiwi (New Zealander) but because leather is epic and should be appreciated as art.

Here's a short photo shoot I did with my current favorite leather jacket that I bought from Zara. It's funny how you can put on a jacket, or wear something and your mood, and character alters itself to fit it right? This can't happen just to me.

Outfit details

Jacket: Zara

Hat: H&M

Jeans: Pull&Bear

Shades: Some random shop in London (no designer)

The buttons and silver clips, especially those on the shoulders are the cherry on top for this jacket, they give it a while different feel of elegance.

The zippers on the sleeves and on the side of the jacket add such a punk vibe to it not to mention that I am obsessed with the fact that its style is over-sized. I like things that can be loose sometimes and don't fit to your body shape, it can create more room for style and easier to layer under for colder weather.

Until next time, live & love.

Amira x


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